How Can I Play Online Poker with My Friends

Poker is a simple game that comes with great thrills. And nothing is better than sharing that experience with your friends! Moreover, you can also look for a risk-free alternative that will provide you and your friends with a unique experience, as well as give you an opportunity to hone your skills. But it’s always a real hassle trying to have your own deck of cards, actual poker chips, and all that is needed for you to play whenever and wherever.

Furthermore, it’s almost impossible to organize all of your friends to come together for a game of poker. We’ve all been there — someone will always cancel at the last moment, you will lose a card or two, every time you meet you will have fewer chips, and the effort it takes to organize everything is simply not always worth it.

Find an Online Casino That Features Custom Rooms

However, we have great news for the ones who haven’t heard — you can set up your poker room online. Various pieces of software and online services allow you to customize the features and make a simplified betting system that will give you and your friends a new way to play together.

The thrill will be equally high as if you were in a live casino, but you will be staying in the comfort of your home. Not to mention that it will take mere minutes to set everything up.

Organize Tournaments

Organize Poker Tournaments

This is the most fantastic part. If you feel like you became an advanced player and you want to experience the challenge of playing in a tournament, you can start with your friends to practice.

Participating in well-organized tournaments in which you play against your friends will give you a unique casino experience. And it will allow you to practice playing against live opponents.

Moreover, the software you can use to organize a game with your friends will commonly offer a practice mode. You can even set ‘missions’ through custom tournaments and play against virtual opponents. That way, you can be the “poker star” in your friend group.

Just make sure that the software you are using allows you to organize these tournaments for free or at a low-cost.

Play From Mobile Devices

Playing from your computer is great. But it still means having to arrange for you and all of your friends to be at your computers at the same time. Instead, you should consider playing from your mobile devices. So find the mobile app that you like the most, have your friends install it as well, and play free online poker games together.

Thankfully, mobile device providers decided to give you a way to play your favorite game on the go! There are free poker applications developed for every player’s needs, and all it takes is to install their software.

Almost every phone game can be played using several different modes. Along with the simple interface most of them feature, you will find a chat box that allows you to challenge any one of your friends in an innovative way and actually communicate with them during the game.


Overall, it is clear that innovation is always good. In this case, you are given the opportunity to control how you want to have fun.

You can choose the layout of the table, find the best software online, and play only with the people you want to play with.

Moreover, you can choose to get your fix and play free poker games online, or if you prefer, you can play for real money instead.

So look no further, find your type of fun, and invite your friends for a few games of Texas Hold’em.

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