How to Tell If Someone Is Bluffing in Online Poker?

Bluffing is one of the most common things that happen in poker games, and most of the players believe that the game wouldn’t be that interesting if it were excluded. Some of the gamblers like to think of bluffing as one of the game’s strategies, and the players who often practice this skill (if we can even call it that) know exactly when to use it. Everyone knows about it, and no one can do anything to stop it, and it’s up to the gamblers to discover why. However, we are going to see how you can tell if someone is bluffing in online poker, and we sincerely hope that you are going to be able to catch a bluffer quickly after you’ve read the text.

Bluffing in a Nutshell

As we’ve already mentioned, everyone knows what bluffing is and that it is all present in poker games. However, it is a bit difficult for poker players to see who is bluffing in online poker, and that is our primary topic here.

Firstly, don’t think that bluffing is something that amateurs do — it takes a lot of time to master the skill. It is one of the earliest methods developed in poker, and it can apply to all other games. When it comes to playing online, there are also ways to catch someone who is bluffing, although many think it is not possible.


It is not that hard to see if someone is bluffing in poker (the regular one). You can observe your opponent and their body language, how they are acting, and whether they are playing with their weak or strong hand. Also, there are always some aggressive players in poker rooms that look suspicious, as well as the ones who suddenly start talking or asking questions about players’ bets. Someone who has long been into in poker games can easily tell if someone is bluffing. On the other hand, there are bluffers among professional players (but not that often) who do it exceptionally well. In fact, so well that you can’t believe they’ve bluffed even after admitting they have. However, it is not typical for professionals to bluff, since they’ve been playing online poker for a long time and have different aspirations towards the game.

Here are some relevant hints that can quickly help you spot a bluff next time you play online poker:

  • Bluffing is possible when there are only a few players in the game so that it’s easier to manipulate the game. During the big matches when there are a lot of people present, bluffers aren’t able to proceed with their moves in the way it is possible at small tables.
  • There is no point in bluffing in the low limit games. No one wants to risk at small stakes, while during the high and “no limit” games, bluffing is the most useful tool that players can use against their opponents. Keep in mind that bluffers are almost always present during the high limit games and look at the opponents like they are all bluffing.
  • Although it takes skills and effort to become good at bluffing, at the same time, by doing so, you are not paying attention to the game itself, which can prove disastrous. Less experienced players have a tendency to expose themselves in bluffing easily because they want to know your cards, while the professionals keep that for a specific situation, such as when they have powerful cards. In conclusion, there is more bluffing among weaker players than the other way around, so you should always keep a close eye on them.

As we can see, there are a few classic rules that bluffers follow; they play differently on low and high stakes, are relatively fresh players, and often quickly disappear from the game scene. Sometimes, it is hard to tell who is a bluffer and who is just playing with the right cards. From time to time, players just get lucky — it doesn’t mean that all of them are bluffing.

It is hard to tell if someone is bluffing in online poker because it is difficult to imagine a bluffer. It can even be the player that no one ever suspects. However, you can observe them, and in time, you will be able to recognize similar patterns in the bluffers’ behavior. Spotting their habitude can be your first clue in discovering a bluffer.

Otherwise, if you are playing online poker with someone who you think is bluffing, pay attention to the cards that they are playing and when they’re changing the course of the game. Although there is no way of being 100% certain whether someone is bluffing or not, it is a specific skill that is developed with time and experience. On the other hand, the “eye for a bluffer” is also a craft that one can easily master, so it is possible to make a balance in an online poker game.

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