The Best Poker Books for Beginners to Learn From

Poker Books

The article you are about to read concerns the ways poker enthusiasts can improve their skills. Read it to learn which are the best titles that could assist you in achieving your goal.

The Best Poker Books for Beginners to Learn From

If you think of yourself as a gambling aficionado with a taste for poker, you must not miss out on the poker books for beginners we are about to present. All of them together form poker literature essential for all of those who are eager to play the game, but whose skills need improvement.

Poker is a strategy game, which implies that playing poker requires developing one. If you are willing to learn and go from a beginner to an experienced poker player, read the following lines. We have gathered the most relevant books that concern the topic and briefly commented on each of them.

Whether your goal is to play online poker or sit at a table at a traditional gambling venue, these poker strategy books will certainly prove to be of great help. Once you have read at least one of them, playing at a poker site or a casino will be far more likely to result in winning a poker game.

Theory of Poker by David Sklansky

Theory of Poker by David Sklansky

This is certainly the book you ought to start from. Not only does it represent the basis of poker knowledge, but it also marks the fundamental literature of the field. It was written by David Sklansky and published by Two Plus Two Publishing. The company is the best one in terms of books regarding poker and gambling in general.

Theory of Poker, as the name itself suggests, elaborates on the theories and strategies that have never been explained in written form before. If you want to establish a solid ground, this should be your go-to option.

Expert Strategy for No-Limit Tournaments, Volumes I and II by Dan Harrington

The professional poker player turned writer, Dan Harrington, also known as “Action Dan”, has written the best two books about tournament poker. The knowledge he has put on paper will help you handle different phases of poker tournaments. Additionally, these books will teach you how to accommodate your way of playing to every blind level.

Harrington, who is famous for being a successful tournament player, has made sure to explain the strategies as thoroughly as possible.

Small Stakes Hold’em by Edward Miller, Mason Malmuth, and David Sklansky

These three authors have collaborated to write the best possible book on Limit Hold’em. Even if you are a No-Limit poker player, you can put it to good use. It is one of the most elaborate texts about low stakes Hold’em. As such, it will provide you with the basis necessary for every poker game. Moreover, it will offer you the means to win it.

Getting Started in Hold’em by Edward Miller

Edward Miller Getting Started in Hold’em

As suggested by the title, this is the perfect book for beginners. It offers a view of the game that gives you the essential principles you can apply to every solid game. Getting Started in Hold’em is not an advanced piece of literature. Nevertheless, it is the perfect basis for all of those eager to learn how to play Texas Hold’em.

Sit-and-Go Strategy: Expert Advice for Beating One-Table Poker Tournaments by Collin Moshman

If sit-and-go play is your preference, a better explanation than the one provided in this book does not exist. It is perfect for single-table tournaments, so, if you are such a player, add this book to your list. It is created with the purpose of increasing your Return on Investment. Read it and improve your skills in both single-table and multi-table tournaments.

Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen

Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen

As a poker enthusiast, you must remember Gus Hansen from the 2007 game. In the said game, he lasted longer than 747 other players. He collected $1.2 million and enriched the list of his winnings.

He has ensured to thoroughly explain over 300 hands he himself had a chance to play. Essentially, the book represents the collection of his recordings during the tournament.

Check-Raising the Devil by Mike Matusow

Matusow’s journey to the top was not a simple one. He has made a long way from the video poker player he once was, through low limit games, the final table of the Main Event, to prison and back.

This book represents a sort of confession. He has shared his story, and his experience might be useful for you.

Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo

Instead of preaching how to play a game of poker, Tommy Angelo has focused on teaching you the ways of becoming the best at your own game. Know your best game, know how to play it, and benefit from it.

According to Angelo’s theory, whether you are the best poker player ever is irrelevant. However, when you play, make sure you play your best game. This book will teach you that the person you need to compete with is yourself.

Positively Fifth Street by James McManus

Positively Fifth Street by James McManus

James McManus got an assignment in 2000 to go to Las Vegas and write about women in the World Series of Poker and the murder of Ted Binion. However, he used the money he had to enter a satellite to the Main Event.

He has written a book about his experience, describing the situation possible only in a venue in Las Vegas.

In a World Full of Fat People by Amarillo Slim

This book describes extraordinary wins of one of the best gamblers ever. In addition to winning a game of ping pong using Coke bottles, he managed to win the World Series of Poker Main Event while playing for unimaginably high stakes. Slim collected his stories and turned them into a book that you may profit from.

Small Stakes Hold’em by Ed Miller

Regardless of your personal preference, this book is obligatory for all of you who like poker, but are far from an experienced player. It elaborates on the rules, moves, and everything else a game of poker consists of. Along with some previously mentioned titles, it represents the foundation for developing your game.

One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall Of Stu Ungar by Nolan Dalla and Peter Alson

The book tells the story of Stu Ungar, one of the most renowned players, who has won the World Series of Poker Main Event three times. However, he was not just a poker player, but a family man and a drug addict, among other things.

One of a Kind is a consuming story of the glory and descent of Stu Ungar, a unique person to whom poker was just one of the passions.

The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King by Michael Craig

In his book, Michael Craig tells a story of a poker novice who kept coming back to Bellagio to play for unbelievably high stakes. The player in question is Andy Beal, a billionaire banker from Dallas, whose opponents ganged up against him in high stakes Limit Hold’em poker games.

Read and Learn

The selection of titles we have assembled for you is just the beginning, but a solid beginning, since they are the best poker books for beginners. They will help you form a strong basis for your game and adopt the right way of thinking while playing poker.

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